The Day They Scrambled My Brains At The Funny Factory/Chapter 12
A Novel By Max Rabinowitz
I didn't figure JoAnne and I would hit it off too well because of the unusual circumstances surrounding our beginning, but in actuality things worked out very well indeed.

JoAnne was a beautiful girl. I had never been involved with a black girl before, so I was kind of skeptical about the whole thing. The only way I could overcome my natural caution for her race was to pretend to myself she had a good tan and let it got at that. Another thing that bothered me was the she had had all kinds of lovers, black, white, male, and female. JoAnne was a slut, but what a beautiful one.

I often wondered how she managed to have blue eyes, but I never did get around to asking her because it was apparent she was very sensitive about her multi-racial heritage. I had enough sense to leave that area of inquiry alone.

JoAnne was, in her own way, somewhat of a teaser. She would grab every available opportunity to rub up against me or press her hands into my crotch. Rarely did she dispense her full favors, but I gotta admit that when she did it was something else. Most of the time we just walked around the hospital grounds together and talked, or else hung out in the Community Store. This was a small cafeteria-style store located in the basement of he hospital auditorium where patients, nurses and attendants could buy short-order items and listen to the jukebox. The food was much better than that which was served in the hospital mess halls and anyone who could afford it usually ate there.

JoAnne, Ace, China, and I stayed in the Community Store listening to the jukebox and trying to figure out ways to scrounge up money. This became a pattern that did not vary much. Most patients were always broke because there was very little opportunity to earn money in the hospital, unless one sold drugs, wine or women. Relatives were discouraged from giving us money by the doctors, since a patient with money was extremely prone to running away. In any case, money had always been somewhat of a problem for me, until I met up with this trio. They knew more ways of obtaining dough than anyone I had ever met. The one sure way was prostitution.

Both China and JoAnne were well suited toward the oldest profession, but neither of them was into it for love of sex. China was more interested in women than men and JoAnne wasn't much interested in anything but money. Ace, on the other hand, couldn't have sold herself to a blind man on death row. But she could and did set up marks for China and JoAnne.

When China was a part of a free society she had drifted into prostitution as a result of a bad home, no education, and a deep natural greed. She had done quite well on the flesh market, but her heart was never really in it, and she was glad when the police finally arrested her and placed her in the hospital. Personally, I couldn't see how anyone could be glad about being in that place, but then, I didn't know everything about everyone.

JoAnne was much different. She came from an upper-middle-class neighborhood and her relatives had money. Her mother and father were not divorced or even separated. She always had good clothes, food, spending money, friends, and family. From what I had read and heard someone with that type of background would never become a whore, but JoAnne started it mainly for kicks and remained in it because she enjoyed the hold she could obtain over men with her body. She used to regale me with tales of the things she made men do just to possess her. I think JoAnne was simply a narcissist. I asked her if she enjoyed what she did with all those men. She told me not with them, but definitely with me. I knew this to be a bunch of shit and I said so. She just smiled, but didn't refute my statement.

To me whores were something not quite human and I didn't plan to pay for anything when there was always something around for free. When I heard about JoAnne and China I didn't care much about the rumors, as they were no concern of mine. Either girl was available for five bucks, but it never dawned on me to buy sex. I was always a romantic and didn't believe in that kind of thing. As I matured I began to realize that all women were, to a certain extent, prostitutes. Instead of giving them the money outright, a guy will buy them drinks and dinner and take them to a show, and, after he's put out forty or fifty bucks, then a nightcap and some sex. My current thinking is that the girl who'll simply change into something more comfortable and change twenty bucks is much more honest than the so-called good girls who put up the thin-cloud cover.

When China first came to the hospital, Ace instantly recognized her latent homosexual tendencies and wasted no time recruiting her. There was little reluctance on China's part and she became quite devoted to Ace. When I was younger I wondered what two women could ever do together. After I met Ace and China I found out. In its own way it was exciting and stimulating to watch, but I must have had some kind of inner, built-in revulsion toward that type of activity and after awhile it palled on me. Ace showed me that female homosexuality was much more prevalent than male homosexuality, only most people were so conditioned to believe in the innocence of women that they got away with it easier. There must've been many who felt differently than I did because the girls picked up quite a lot of loot by staging shows for men and women who were turned on by that sort of thing. Only once did I see JoAnne participate in a show and it seemed somewhat more beautiful when she was involved.

I was sitting in the Community Store waiting for JoAnne when Ace entered instead. She told me that she had a few guys set up for a show and JoAnne was going to be a participant, so she wouldn't be meeting me at the store. Ace then asked if I wanted to come along and watch and also protect the girls. Sometimes the men and women who watched these things got out of hand. It was necessary for someone to be there, armed, to prevent rowdiness or violence. Usually Shy or Tombstone would handle the security-guard act, but since JoAnne was my girl friend, Ace thought I would be interested. I agreed readily, excited at the thought of JoAnne being involved. I had already seen ace and China do their thing and this promised to be a much better performance.

Ace and I went over to the Occupational Therapy shop, which was supposedly closed on weekends, but Ace had a key to it, and access was no problem. Before we went in, Ace provided me with a seven-inch Mexican stiletto. This was a knife in which the blade shot straight out of the handle rather than popping out of the side as did usual switchblade knives. I tested it a couple of times by depressing the button and snicking the blade out, pressing it in, and the snicking it out again. It was a very deadly weapon and by simply pressing the handle against someone and pushing the button, seven inches of tempered steel would shoot straight into the victim.

When we entered the shop I saw that Ace had managed to con four guys into watching the show. They were all goofy-looking dudes and not one of them came up to my size. I doubted any of them would be much trouble.

On the floor was a pile of rugs that had been snatched from the weaving department. On those rugs sat JoAnne and China. They both had on their clothes and I assumed that they had been waiting for Ace to come back before starting. Both girls wore skirts and blouses, which was unusual for China, at least.

The four men pulled their chairs closer to the rugs and sat there, nervously shuffling their legs and making coughing noises. One of them removed his jacket and draped it over the back of his chair. That one I decided to watch carefully.

There are ways and there are ways for a woman to remove her clothes and these girls knew the right way. I know that I should have been watching those four guys, but I got so hung up in watching two girls that I completely forgot about the four dumb men.

At first, JoAnne just laid back and watched Ace and China caress each other, but in a few moments she joined in with enthusiasm.

Ace gently ran her fingers over China's beautiful breasts and the nipples grew stiff with anticipation. Something of mine also got stiff in anticipation. It was exciting to see Ace's tongue flick out and lick around China's breasts and to hear China's moans of pleasure.

Ace kneed apart China's legs and began rubbing her pelvis against China's vaginal area in a swift, circular motion. China's legs wrapped around Ace's broad back and she arched her own back and ground her luxuriant pubic mound into Ace's. Her fingers strongly gripped Ace's muscular buttocks. JoAnne slipped up behind Ace and ran her mouth across China's fingers. I could see JoAnne's tongue slip between the cleft of Ace's buttocks and I don't know who groaned louder, me or Ace. JoAnne then slid two fingers into China's vagina and pushed them back and forth in slow, rhythmical movements. JoAnne continued massaging even as Ace left China and squirmed around until she was sitting directly over China's face. Ace lowered herself gently and China reached up and grabbed her thighs, pulling the big broad onto her waiting tongue. I watched carefully as China's tongue punched its way though Ace's gaping slit and roughly flashed over her enlarged clitoris with a soft slurping sound.

JoAnne must have felt kind of left out because she grabbed China's hand and forcefully pushed it into her own vagina. China played around there for awhile, but lost interest at the sensations in her own belly became intensified by the massaging of JoAnne's fingers deep within her.

The four men panted loudly and one of them pulled out his penis and began masturbating frantically. Only the guy who had taken off his coat seemed to be cool about the whole matter.

Suddenly the girls topped and I must admit that I was disappointed when I thought that they were finished, but instead they were just setting up the grand finale.

It was obvious that China didn't know about this because a great deal of surprise showed on her face when the other girls left her so abruptly. She started to sit up and protest the cessation of activities, but JoAnne grabbed her hair and roughly threw her head to the rugs. China yelped and made an attempt to get up, but Ace slapped her quite hard in the face and clamped hands of steel on her breasts, squeezing painfully. When China brought up her own hands to break Ace's hold, JoAnne latched onto her wrists and yanked them behind her head. China twisted in a vain attempt to get away, but JoAnne held on tight.

Ace reached beneath the rugs and brought out a candle, some ten or twelve inches in length and about two-and-a-half inches in diameter. She attempted to push this object between China's legs, but China clamped her legs together, begging Ace not to do that to her. I could tell she wasn't acting any part - she was genuinely scared.

Ace slammed a knee into China's midsection and all of the breath left her in a huge "Whuff," leaving her in no condition to prevent Ace from pulling her legs apart and inserting that candle. China was already wet from the previous activities and there didn't seem to be much problem with the lubrication. JoAnne's eyes lit up as she watched Ace move the candle in and out of China's snatch and her little pink tongue flicked wetly across her lips with each stroke.

China got her wind back and pleaded with Ace but the black lezzie was determined to continue pushing in the candle and with each shove she jammed the entire thing into China's vaginal canal.

I wasn't too worried because I really didn't think Ace would do China any permanent damage and to be truthful, the sight of it all was just too much to stop at that point. Even the guy without the jacket was breathing harder.

Sweat poured off China's face and a thin sheet of sweat formed all over her body. Muscular spasms rippled across China's belly and she moaned as Ace continued with the candle.

Eventually, as it must, all good things come to an end. China couldn't prevent her inner reactions and her muscles tensed as orgasm approached. Her pelvis began to grind against the object and Ace's fist at the end of it. Finally, China gave out with a high-pitched squeal and her back arched entirely off the rugs. Her legs fell apart and twitched uncontrollably as the lower portion of her body made vaguer humping motions against the candle.

JoAnne saw there was no need for her to hold China's wrists and she let go. Her hand crept down to her own crotch and she began massaging herself furiously. Her buttocks clenched and loosened as her fingers vigorously toyed with her own clitoris. A moment later she gave out a wild scream and jammed herself hard against her own fingers. For a few seconds more she bounded on her hand and then fell weakly over onto her side.

Ace watched JoAnne impassively and then began once more to push that candle between China's thighs. China tried to protest, but it was nothing more than a feeble beg. She had at least two more orgasms before Ace stopped and then lay there as if dead.

Ace stood up and told the guys that the show was over. The guy who had been masturbating left peacefully enough, as did two of the others, but the son-of-a-bitch who had taken off his jacket flashed a roll of bills and asked how much Ace wanted to let him fuck China or JoAnne. I stepped away from the wall, but Ace stopped me with a wave of her hand and I faded back.

Ace asked the guy again to leave peacefully, but he was too far gone to listen to any of that. He was determined to fuck one of those girls.

Ace turned as if to say something to JoAnne and then, faster than the eye could see, she spun back and launched a kick right into the creep's balls. He doubled up and she swung a wild uppercut into his face. He went down hard.

She rolled him over, went through his pockets, took every bill that he had, and removed a watch from his arm. Then she told me to drag the creep out onto the grass and leave him there.

It wasn't easy to sling that guy over my shoulder and lug him up those stairs, but I did it. I took him about fifty feet from the O.T. shop and dumped him into a clump of bushes that grew there. He was still out cold and I felt that I should do something to teach him a lesson. I took out the stiletto and carved my initials on his chest, not very deeply, but it would leave a permanent scar, enough to keep him away for a long time. He didn't bleed much and I wasn't disposed to cut any deeper, being a gentle man at heart. When I returned to the O.T. room Ace and JoAnne had dressed themselves an were attempting to get clothes on a moaning China, who wouldn't or couldn't help.

I expressed my concern about China's condition, but Ace shrugged it off and said that China would be back in shape in a couple of hours. I helped them dress her and watched in awe as Ace slung China over her shoulder. China easily outweighed the guy I had carried off, but Ace handled her as if she weighed nothing. On her way out Ace told JoAnne to lock up after we left.

The next few hours encompassed one of those rare times when JoAnne dispensed with her favors and, on the whole, the entire affair was a success.

It wasn't often that Ace staged her shows. Most of the time she got China or JoAnne to lure somebody into a darkened alley and then she would knock them down and steal whatever they had. Once Ace hit a guy so hard she broke his jaw in two places. As a result she lost her Honor Card pass and couldn't leave the building for two months. It was during that period I had the most fun with JoAnne.